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The Talent?

Justin "Virgin Bat" Evangelista


The Virgin Bat has been hittin' dingers for the Doc G Show since '16. He's a proud sexy Filipino man, and Dave only gets that confused with another Asian nationality 35% of the time. When the Virgin Bat isn't on the radio he prefers to spend his time annoying his family and girlfriend...zippity doo da

Doc G


Doc G started this show for one reason he likes to far it seems nobody likes to listen. Every week this guy "hosts" a "show." We obviously have hosts and show in parentheses, because he barely qualifies as a host and the show is, well, barely a show.  Nonetheless, he's proud of the show and the fact that his beard serves as a crayon box for local school children. It's rumored that when this guy isn't frightening listeners away from the "show", he's frightening away students as a professor with equally horrendous lectures.

Dave "Burls" Berlin


Burls has only shown up to record the Doc G Show in this bikini top 11 times. Besides, it's usually what he's wearing on the bottom that's the real show (wink!). Burls has been on the show ever since filling in for the Virgin Bat when he was off saving his python wrangling dad from drug smugglers (You may want to listen to the May 3rd 2017 show to know what we're talking about). When Burls isn't on the radio odds are he's with his dog Storm....saving the world.

The Doc G Show


Bishop Gunn Interview Part 1

 0:20 - Introductions

1:30 - How'd Bishop Gunn start? 

2:19 - Where'd The Name Come From?

3:30 - Why is Natchez Special? 

4:00 - Crawfish Boil

7:26 - Bishop Gunn is connected by Dates

10:30 - Recording at FAME 

13:00 - Sound Studio and Dr. Dre 

Bishop Gunn Interview Part 2

0:00 - Meeting Drew

1:15 - Finding The House

2:50 - First Bishop Gunn show

4:20 - Ode to Cougars

5:00 - Working with Tyler Barksdale

6:30 - The Song Writing Process

10:20 - Bob Seger is the man!

Bishop Gunn Interview Part 3

0:00 - Allman Brothers is Drew's Inspiration

1:00 - Why it's all about Led Zeppelin for Burne

1:40 - It's all about Hank Jr. and Steppenwolf for Ben

3:10 - Opening for the Rolling Stones

4:50 - Oh S**t Trav's Jagger story here we go

6:15 - Keith Richards may die someday but no one will believe it

7:00 - Best experience in Europe

8:30 - Star struck by Slash

Bishop Gunn Interview Part 4

0:00 - Has Bob Seger heard you sing?

1:00 - The New Album is G - - - -  C - - - - - - - 

4:25 - Who Got Haircuts in the band?

6:20 - What's up for 2020

Lonely Highway Christmas Special Interview Part 1

0:32 - Introductions

1:07 - The Doc Effed Up The Last Interview

1:50 - Martin's BBQ

4:07 - Pepper Palace for a Hot Sauce Challenge

7:50 - Tennessee vs. Florida

14:24 - Livin' in The USA 

Lonely Highway Christmas Special Interview Part 2

0:07 - Livin' the USA was written in a collaborative effort

1:16 - Brandi Love is a fan of Lonely Highway

2:58 - Lonely Highway meets Randy Travis

4:56 - Daulton's Engaged

8:56 - My Dawgs

Lonely Highway Christmas Special Interview Part 3

1:06 - Trey won the Golden Pick Award!

2:00 - Working at the Hemp Farm

4:16 - Bruce Has Got a New Nickname

6:45 - Trey is Multitalented

8:25 - The Best Thing That Happened in 2019

11:13 - Bad Boy  

Drake Freeman and Trey Binkley Part 1

0:18 - Introductions

1:15 - When did Drake start to play music?

2:09 - Spoiler Alert Drake was inspired by The Beatles

4:02 - Drake Plays the viola

4:48 - The origins of The Drake Freeman Band

9:20 - Drake's Music Catalog since he's started recording

Drake Freeman and Trey Binkley Part 2

0:00 - Drake Freeman - The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

4:55 - Studio records that sound like Live Records

5:50 - First Tattoos

9:45 - Working with Hayden Coffman 

11:20 - Chandler Brown cut his hair

13:50 - Starting HAW

Drake Freeman and Trey Binkley Part 3

1:09 - HAW - Minute

4:44 - HAW reminds the Doc of The Steve Miller Band

7:44 - What it's like releasing a single in Columbia SC

9:03 - The Country Birddogs are born!

Drake Freeman and Trey Binkley Part 4

0:00 - Haw - Mean Women

3:40 - Being a Steelers fan in Nashville

6:00 - Drake's Metaphor for Life

7:00 - Drake's Atlanta Restaurant Choice

8:00 - Drake's Nashville Restaurant Choice

10:30 - Livin' in Nashville

Drake Freeman and Trey Binkley Part 5

0:10 - Everything in moderation

2:35 - Blackberry Smoke (Shoutout to Piper)

5:30 - Black Crowes are back

9:41 - HAW - Nothin' Better

Highlights from the Show

The best of January 2019

Including interviews with Matt Roads of Tropidelic and host of Man v. Food Casey Webb.

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