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The Talent?

Justin "Virgin Bat" Evangelista

The Virgin Bat has been hittin' dingers for the Doc G Show since '16. He's a proud sexy Filipino man, and Dave only gets that confused with another Asian nationality 35% of the time. When the Virgin Bat isn't on the radio he prefers to spend his time annoying his family and girlfriend...zippity doo da

Doc G

Doc G started this show for one reason he likes to far it seems nobody likes to listen. Every week this guy "hosts" a "show." We obviously have hosts and show in parentheses, because he barely qualifies as a host and the show is, well, barely a show.  Nonetheless, he's proud of the show and the fact that his beard serves as a crayon box for local school children. It's rumored that when this guy isn't frightening listeners away from the "show", he's frightening away students as a professor with equally horrendous lectures.

Dave "Burls" Berlin

Burls has only shown up to record the Doc G Show in this bikini top 11 times. Besides, it's usually what he's wearing on the bottom that's the real show (wink!). Burls has been on the show ever since filling in for the Virgin Bat when he was off saving his python wrangling dad from drug smugglers (You may want to listen to the May 3rd 2017 show to know what we're talking about). When Burls isn't on the radio odds are he's with his dog Storm....saving the world.

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